Product Photographer Nottingham

Setting out your stall

Here at Andrew Greenstreet Photography I offer a variety of solutions in my product photography Nottingham studio. From highly affordable small budget catalog work to high concept set builds we can work together to achieve your goals and help to really put your business on the map. What ever size of your photography project, I can offer something whether in the studio or on location using a pop-up studio. With lighting rigs , diffusers, reflectors and a host of post-production techniques we can get the most out of the shot though I have not quite mastered making the rain go away on location shots as of yet.

In pre-production working together with the clients I try to ready get to the nub of what is it that makes the business and products distinct to help ensure the commercial product photography is exactly right for them. I will spend time thinking about how to best highlight the products in the photographs and what style of photography would be the best fit for the market place. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the amazing, other times you can really let your imagination run riot and let the professional commercial photography speak for your business.

I am always looking to move forward with the times so always try to know of new technology and techniques so your commercial product photography will last and not need updating within a few months. If you have any questions big or small about how I can help you drive your business forward please get in touch for an informal chat.


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